Saturday, September 26, 2009

hello world!

Let’s kick this off with an introduction… My name is Ros - just a commoner with a passion for photography, multimedia arts, music, and traveling.

I have been surrounded by a lot of positive influences this year – all had inspired me to create this blog. ‘Thought Bubbles and Rainbow-Colored Days’ is about bits and pieces of my day-to-day experiences, opinions, interests, and light-bulb moments.

Sweeeet! I just did my first post! yay!

PS: I gave in to a friend’s suggestion (thanks Eric!) … My multimedia gallery ( is also under construction. Please do visit. l'm looking forward to your comments and suggestions! :)



Eric Capacia's Fierce Blogs said...

Awww Nice to see you blogging already Ros. I have to admit I am a fan of your photography..

Let me intro your blog site to my friends :)

Ros Edralin said...

Thank you Eric! after much thought, I decided to start my blog last thursday. I'm getting the hang of this. love it! see you later :)

barnkinney said...

cool! nice nice! Ü

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