Sunday, October 25, 2009

BOHOLicious weekend

Last weekend, I went to Bohol together with some friends. We stayed at the Dumaluan Beach Resort. That weekend trip was a blast! It was my first time to go there and I just fell in love with the beach… who wouldn’t?

Beside Dumaluan Beach is the Bohol Beach Club, we just paid the Php 350 entrance fee which is good enough for the whole day (and it's consumable -- food and drinks!). Like how my colleague describes it, “this place is like being in your private Boracay” (less the crowd, of course). These pictures were taken around 10:00 AM.,while some of my friends are still sleeping (and others went out to try the plunge and the zipline). No post-processing done on the pictures yet. This is beach heaven!

I would love to go back there and just relax. 

This reminds me… I haven’t uploaded all the pictures yet :)  No excuses, just plain laziness. Haha! I’ll have it included in my gallery in the next couple of days…



laarni lopez said...

cool! no post-processing yet! love your beach shots!
since i was part of those who took the "screaming task" of the "detour" in our "amazing race" weekend, i sure would also want to go back to bohol and just spend my stay there on the beach! relaxation galore! a total escape! Ü

Ros Edralin said...

thanks laarni! yes, it would indeed be a total escape. just bring an uberly high SPF sunblock so you won't get sunburned that much :)

Anonymous said...

maam,good day! jaki bagadiong,, recently, i've been searching infos bout mr. alex compton and i happened to look into your blog and read a recent story about him..i just want to know if you have any contact info bout him..i'm just dying to thank him on how he inspired me about living a real Christian life..please,please,..if you do, can you just please email me maam at thanks and hope to hear from you..=')

Ros Edralin said...

Hi Jackie, thanks for visiting my blog! You may try dropping him a note through VCF's main website. I'm sure they could help you forward the message to Alex. God bless!

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