Sunday, November 15, 2009

That crazy island trip…

I received a text message from a high school friend one afternoon…

“Ros, are you free tomorrow? Wanna go to Puerto Galera with me?”

Okay, at that point I panicked (i just woke up), I thought it was a Friday so I immediately checked the calendar on my phone… but it’s Saturday already… Saturday afternoon.

I was having second thoughts that time because I have work on a Monday night.  But being the backpacker that I am, I gave it a go.. why?.. coz she mentioned the magic words: “it won’t cost you a cent, just bring your camera and take pictures.” *grin* :)

So we sailed off… the waves are crazy. It makes me think about that accident which happened around last May (just this year) when an outrigger boat sank on the way to the island.

Paranoid much? There were a few passengers on the boat, and there were plenty of life vests. But I was scared coz I have my gears with me… 
 (Note to self: bring waterproof pouches for the gadgets next time… better be prepared)

So using my mobile phone, I just twittered and checked my FB account while on the boat ride to the island to take my mind off the negativity. Thanks tweeps! :)

IMG_8858 IMG_8993
check out the pictures

Coco Beach is a 10-hectare beach resort with 110 rooms, a tennis court, hanging bridge, spa, 2 swimming pools, etc. It’s not part of the white beach stretch so it’s not commercialized – suits me, I’m not really a fan of beach nightlife. I was browsing through the list of activities they have for us during our stay and I found out that they offered free introductory lessons on scuba diving the day before we went there. Eeeek, I wish we were there earlier!

Best part of the trip is that I get to hang out again with 2 of my elementary/high school peers. We exchanged stories and shared good laughs... some things never change. :)


laarni lopez said...

i have never been to coco beach.. i'm thinking of going there next year.. contact numbers? Ü

Ros Edralin said...

here you go Laarni :)

Manila Booking Office:
Ground Floor Baywatch Tower - 2057 M.H. Del Pilar St., Malate Manila, Philippines.

(+63) 2 521-5260 or (+63) 2 526-4594

(+63) 2 526-6903

Coco Beach Island Resort:
Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro Philippines

(+63) 919 540 0000 or 919 540 1698

(+63) 919 547 0347

You may send your queries and information at: or

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