Saturday, July 10, 2010

Product Launch: Nestle Heaven

My fierce friend tagged me along for an event a couple of weeks ago in Club Bureau, Makati. It’s the product launch of Nestle Heaven! It was music to my ears: ICE CREAM!!!
Here is Nestle’s Marketing Executive Manager, Ernie Mascenon, starting up the event.
At first, it seemed like an ordinary setup -- the crowd enjoying the cocktail drinks under the blue/violet lights while the night is still young. I wondered, when are they gonna serve the ice cream? LOL.

Then the angels came…
 IMG_2137 IMG_2140
and led us through the gate (oh yes, I was surprised that there was a real gate for people to enter) …
I’m still amazed up to this time. Kudos to the organizer for this brilliant setup!

 There was a feast inside…
IMG_2155 IMG_2164
IMG_2173 IMG_2180
and some moving statues, each holding a pint of Nestle Heaven ice cream…
It was a well-attended event, here are some pictures of the “angels” and celebrities… (click on the pictures for a larger version).
IMG_2186  IMG_2200
IMG_2198 IMG_2203
And now, here’s what I’ve been waiting for… Nestle Heaven!
Nestle Heaven comes in 4 flavors:
IMG_2224 Strawberry Dream
Vanilla Almond Secret
Butter Pecan Obsession
Belgian Chocolate Bliss

More than the fab names, this ice cream has the perfect blend of sweetness and creaminess (of course, it’s Nestle). So whether you’re an ice cream lover (like me) or not, I’m sure you’ll like it.

Here’s my favorite… it makes me miss Baguio more and more, LOL!
Okay, I’m craving for ice cream now! … but it’s too early, I need to wait for the nearby grocery to open. aaaargh!


cagayan de oro photobooth mindanao said...

belgian chocolate bliss? yum!!!

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