Sunday, February 27, 2011

Baguio Trip: What's on the menu?

It's that time of the year when Baguio feels like Manila. Definitely not because of the weather, because it's still way too cold in the city of pines. It's because of the crowd, and the heavy traffic!!!

This month is the Panagbenga festival, and people just go here to witness the flower parade and the celebrations.

It's not really the reason why I am here this week. My friends and I are just here to relax, work a bit, and enjoy the weather. Note to self: remind friends not to go back here during Panagbenga. Go a week early, or the week after.. so then we can relax. 

Anyway, coffee shops and restaurants are really jampacked with locals/tourists but we still tried our luck eating in one of the known vegetarian restaurants -- Oh My Gulay!
Sadly, half of the items in the menu were unavailable so I just ordered a dish called 'Kabute' - it's mushroom pasta with cheese sauce and whole milk. Well, I wasn't really happy with it... maybe I was just dismayed that they ran out of Waldorfesto (salad).


This one is better, i tried it the last time I was there...

"Anak ng Putanesca"

This one made me laugh... though again, it's not available!!!

"The Saging and Mani Love Affair"
I just wish they'd be more prepared next year so they could give more food options to their customers. Well anyway, I will still be back... but definitely not during the festival. Don't get me wrong, the flower festival is nice but I'm just the type who doesn't enjoy super huge crowds. I find it more enjoyable to chill out with a few close friends. :)


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