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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bubbles of comfort

A typical work day for me includes juggling my time between my regular job, freelance work, shirt business, market research, and personal banking/investing. Too serious? Hmmm, not really :) When passion is very much alive, there will be no room for complains. I love the things that I do. Okay, so I don't have work-life balance... but I'm taking conscious efforts now (really! *grin*), and I guess there's a bit of an improvement in that area. ヅ

Recently, I have rewarded myself with this....

"The happy yellow package"

I heart you, LUSH Philippines!


I'm currently working on a major blog overhaul... and i'm making progress, people! A few more tweaks and i'm all set (yay!). Dear Google, when will you release a Blogger App for Blackberry users? life will be a whole lot easier...

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