Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Alcatel One Touch Glory X918N

Way back in college, I remembered Alcatel as that funny looking but somehow efficient mobile phone. Funny because it used to look like a soap bar, efficient because it can be powered by 2 AA batteries -- a good feature to have during power outages especially when dormitories are not equipped with generators.

Anyway, they have evolved alright, and one more good thing is that their products are still economical. Check out their website here. And here's one of their latest touchscreen phones.. the Alcatel One Touch Glory X918N. Read more after the jump...


The Alcatel Glory X918N runs on Android 2.3 and you can buy a brand new unit around Php 5k (or less!).  It's a basic touchscreen phone fully packed with android capabilities, a dual-sim feature, a 3.2 megapixel camera, bluetooth, and wifi connection. --- a really good value for your money.

I'm no Android geek (yet) but so far I don't have any issues at all. So it's a thumbs up! Great for android newbies like me. Yes, I only use it now for gaming as I do have a primary phone. But hey, I could go productive with this since it has the apps I need (that is, the blogger app).

What I also liked about this phone is that you can mix and match the covers. I got the phone in black and it came with a free white cover. I prefer the white one so here it is... (they do have covers in red and blue also)


Love it! And I got it for free, thanks to the loyalty program of my telecom provider. :)


richard arizala said...

can you use skype here with video calling?

Ros Edralin said...

no video calling since there's no front camera. but you can still install Skype and use voice calls and instant messaging.

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