Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mosquito Wars: The Dengue Virus

One saturday afternoon, I was not feeling well. I could not remember the last time I got stuck at home due to fever. I always thought I could just shake it off and resume whatever activity I have for the day.

Day One.
My fever was at 39 degrees. Is that bad? I said to myself I could deal with it. So I slept, but when I woke up my temperature is still the same. I sent a text message to our lead in the music team to inform that I may not be able to play keyboards for Sunday. I remembered receiving a reply. But when I woke up the next day, I could not find the text messages in my phone. I sent another message to our lead, to confirm if he got my message the previous night, but he said he didn't receive any. At that point, it was confirmed... I was hallucinating!

Day Two.
The fever seemed to die down late afternoon. I felt better after taking a bath. So I assumed I was okay. I felt okay. I happily went out to watch a last full show movie with my movie night buddies. I went home, I felt weird again. I just drank water and slept.

Day Three.
I didn't check my temperature. It's a Monday, I must go to work. Work starts with coffee, and so I got myself my usual drink and a sandwich from starbucks before heading back to the office. When we reached the parking at the basement of the building, I got dizzy and suddenly it was hard to breathe. Felt like I was gasping for air. So I just worked half day and went home.

Day Four.
I worked from home. I still don't think seeing a doctor is necessary. But my temperature went up again. It's back at 39 degrees. A friend of mine advised me to go see a doctor, I told her I'll be okay. Another dear friend told me the same thing. And she added that I'd need a medical certificate. I was convinced --- she's my boss! :)

Day Five.
I went to see the family doctor. But there was a queue, I was number 13. I told mom to sit beside me so I could lean on her shoulder while waiting for my turn. The patients beside me started to notice and said that it would be better if I go ahead of them. I looked very pale and was about to collapse. Doc Chua said that I need to be admitted in the hospital so they could perform tests. There was no available room in the Paranaque Doctors Hospital at the moment so I was in the waiting list at number 18. Doc Chua said it would be better if I transfer to the hospital in Alabang where he holds a clinic too. So off we went... I got confined at the Asian Hospital and Medical Center.

Late in the afternoon, the results are in... it turned out I have Dengue. And it was the 2nd strain already! Meaning, I didn't know that I had Dengue before. I remembered there was one time I also had high fever. I ignored it. And it worked the first time.

The virus was more aggressive at the 2nd attack and it gets more worse as it repeats. There is no cure. Just fluids and nourishment to help increase and stabilize the platelet count. So it's important to keep your surroundings mosquito-free. The mosquito battle is on!

Thank you to the doctors, nurses, and staff of the Asian Hospital and Medical Center for taking care of me for 7 days. You all did a great job! But even if your hospital is very posh, I don't wish to be back. Haha...cheers to good health! =)

My friends spent time with me at the hospital too.. some of them slept very soundly. Hehe, kidding! I love them heaps! Thanks friends!

I'm alive and kicking! ...let the good times roll! :)


ganns said...

I am so glad you're better. We've been praying for you. Can't wait to see you soon, Ros. Cheers!

Ros Edralin said...

thank you ganns! can't wait to see you all too :)

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