Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Passing the Strings...

Took some pictures of my electric guitar last Saturday.. I braved going to Quiapo to buy it in the streets of Raon. That was around 10 years ago (I think). It was an adventure. :) And now it's time to pass it on... I have used the guitar mainly for church service, so I pray that the next owner(s) would really be blessed and that their music will be a blessing to others too.. As for me, I still have an old keyboard, and I'm also praying for a Roland RD-700NX... hafta save up! *big smile*

"Music is what life sounds like."  ~Eric Olson


Kim Halasan said...

God bless you Ros. It's nice to drop by your blog again. Apparently, there is another blogger I follow also talking about the guitar. It seems there is something about the guitar today. :)

Ros Edralin said...

the guitar does wonders, haha... thanks for dropping by Kim! :)

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