Thursday, October 11, 2012

Blackberry Curve 9220

When you receive something like this in the mail... you know it's gonna be a lovely day! :) 
....well, hello there Blackberry Curve 9220!

I still love my BB Curve 9380 of course, but the 9220 has some cool features too... Btw, it runs on OS 7.1!

I really like the dedicated BBM button on the BB Curve 9220. On a side note: Do you know that the word "BBM" has recently entered the Collins English Dictionary? It's now an official part of the modern day vocabulary. Read the article here

Here are some notable features of the OS 7.1:

  • Battery Saving Mode - it automatically adjusts your phone settings to maximize the remaining batter power.
  •  Blackberry Device Analyzer - if you're experiencing issues with the phone, then you can run some tests to know what's causing it. I like that it has something for "Device Responsiveness". That's my usual issue, but then a battery pull always does the trick :)

  •  FM Radio - I don't usually listen to the FM radio, but it's good to have it available as sometimes I take short breaks from my usual music playlists.

 Thanks, Blackberry! Btw, I do hope an OS 7.1 upgrade would be available for the Curve 9380 too. I would love to have these features available on my primary phone. :)


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