Saturday, November 10, 2012

2013 Starbucks Planner

What I like about November is that it marks the start of "sticker collection season" for Starbucks coffee lovers. I've been getting Starbucks Planners for several years already; it's a nice reward for being a loyal customer.

For this year, Starbucks Philippines started to offer the signature Christmas drinks last Nov 3. Along with it came the 2013 promo card wherein you need to complete a total of 17 stickers to get 1 planner. I got mine yesterday, Nov 8. wooooot! No I haven't drank 17 cups of coffee in a span of 5 days.. Teamwork is the key! :) Try it out with your coffee buddies, and you'll be surprised how many planners you'll end up with before the promo ends.

The 2013 Starbucks Planners come in 3 colors: Black, Green, and White. I chose the white one... but I'm afraid that it'll get dirty in time. Let's see... the challenge is to keep the cover in mint condition until the end of next year.

The planner comes with a bookmark in the shape of the standard paper cup. You can personalize it by writing your name at the back plus adding the details of your usual drink. Btw, it's not just a cardboard cutout. It's a magnet. Therefore, you'll have less chances of losing it.

The side of the planner has a magnet too. It serves as a lock, so you're assured that all your pages are intact (including anything that is inserted within the pages).

Expect that the 2013 planners are interactive. I love this concept. It's good to be reminded each day that no matter how busy we are on the stuff we do, at the end of the day, we are still human. And that most elements of life are still best experienced in all its simplicity.

post-its! :)
 You'll even find random questions, and suggested things to do all throughout the year...

and of course, freebies and discounts!

I like the size of the planner for the previous year since it's more compact but I guess this one's not bad too given how interactive it is --- it'll be my mini scrapbook / journal for 2013 :)

So there... onto our next batch of stickers!

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